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According to the leaked text of the latest UN Climate Report on the effects of climate change, the IPCC, “Climate change has already left its mark on all continents and in all oceans.” The global warming damage already affect food crops, spreading diseases, melting glaciers and has a great impact on the world economy.

UN Climate Report
Government officials and scientists gathered at the Japanese Yokohama, study each line of the summary of the report before the final version is released next week. This is the first update of this survey in seven years. Nearly 500 people work on the exact wording of the summary, including 66 experts, 271 officials from 115 countries and 57 observers. Just imagine the politics that goes into each line of such a document.

Consequences of climate change
“In recent decades, climate change had an impact on human and natural systems on all continents and in all oceans,” says the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Some parts of the world will come to a tipping point soon. For some parts that tipping point already arrived. “For example, both the warm water coral reefs and the Arctic ecosystems are already experiencing the irreversible effects of climate change.”

Cause Climate Change
This is the second of three reports by the UN body on the causes, consequences and solutions to climate change. The first report, released in September last year in Stockholm, gave people the “dominant cause” of climate change. It also warned that we should curb fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Human risks
The most serious human risks are there for populations in low-lying coastal areas and on small islands. Extreme storms, floods and rising sea levels will impact their economic and social lives. But people who live in large metropolitan areas also at risk. Flooding due to extreme rainfall inland, homes and businesses, wipe off water treatment plants and power stations. Also, urban areas will suffer going to get extreme heat waves, particularly in places where air conditioning doesn’t exist.

No so encouraging words on the eve of our expedition across the arctic. I do hope that the extreme peaks we are already experiencing all over the world whether is be a heat wave, a drought or a polar vortex will finally start a momentum for change.

Posted on 30. March 2014 in Bernice Notenboom

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