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What is the Albedo?

A scientific term which has become more present and important in the last years when talking about the Arctic is ‘Albedo’. But what does it mean? You know how your parents tell you to wear white T-shirts when it is sunny outside because with a black T-shirt you feel way too hot!? That’s actually what…

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Comparison: Arctic and Antarctica

Our explorers are traveling around the North Pole through the Arctic. However, there is a second polar region on the other – the southern – side of the globe, the Antarctic. Are there any differences between them, you ask? Absolutely! The greatest difference is how these huge ice landscapes are being connected with what’s underneath…

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The Arctic Ocean

The vast white environment our explorers Bernice, Eric and Martin are going to be a part of for the next 7 weeks on their way to Canada is the ice landscape of the Arctic. This region is actually a swimming ice-covered surface which is floating in the Arctic Ocean. Often the Arctic Ocean is categorized…

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Polar Vortex in U.S. May be Example of Global Warming

Polar Vortex in U.S. May be Example of Global Warming (via Climate Central) By Andrew Freedman Follow @afreedma While the ongoing cold snap is breaking records from Minnesota to Florida, it will not go down in history as the most significant Arctic outbreak in U.S. history, not even by a longshot. Scientists said the deep…

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