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IPCC Report

According to the leaked text of the latest UN Climate Report on the effects of climate change, the IPCC, “Climate change has already left its mark on all continents and in all oceans.” The global warming damage already affect food crops, spreading diseases, melting glaciers and has a great impact on the world economy. UN…

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eric battling a blizzard in Svalbard

Tweet of the day 29/3/2014

Eric Phillips in Longyearbean testing gear today @icetrek @arcticmarch @MONTANEuk @SidetrackedMag #expeditionhope

Advent Fjord

Barneo in good shape

We just received news that the plans for putting Barneo ice camp into place are on schedule. The Canadian Ice Survey has stated that it looks promising that the weather is holding and the ice is stable to land on April 2nd. That is good news for us since we are already a full month…

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eric battling a blizzard in Svalbard

Camera’s outside

You can practice all you want with the settings, focus and microphones of our camera’s in a warm house with a cup of coffee and warm fingers until you venture outside here in Svalbard. It is time for us to practice real conditions in the arctic and see if we can press buttons and adjust…

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camera classroom

in the classroom

While the wind was howling and snow falling we spent our time inside to learn the specs of one of our camera’s, testing our equipment. Mark Verkerk, film director and creative eye of our expedition was teaching us the basic things of filming. We travel with two camera’s, a D4 Nikon that Martin (our professional…

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Het Noorderlicht

Last night arriving in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen it was -15°C. We stepped outside in our spring clothing yet the wind was howling and it felt bitter cold. We looked at each other and were thinking how are we going to take this cold at the North Pole when it is only slightly freezing. I am not…

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First day of spring – planting a walnut tree

Klaverweide school in Noordwijk aan zee needs a tree in front of their new building. Every year during the national tree planting day, these children participate in planting greenery around the area and luckily it was their turn to get a tree themselves. Thanks to Oikos and Irene Karssiens and the mayor of Noordwijk the…

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Arctic Sea Ice Sits at Record Low for Mid-February

Arctic Sea Ice Sits at Record Low for Mid-February (via Climate Central) By Brian Kahn Follow @blkahn Arctic sea ice growth has slowed dramatically in recent weeks, thanks in large part to abnormally warm air and water temperatures. Sea ice now sits at record low levels for mid-February. According to the National Snow and Ice…

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Strange weather in Canada. This morning when I was pulling my tires, I saw this massive avalanche right outside my door. It came from high up the mountain and run all the way across the path and into the creek. This is a bit freaky because my training route crosses multiple avalanche paths. I got…

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Fat matters

I went shopping and had things on my list I normally never buy, 11 kg of butter, ramen noodle soup and 5 kg of instant oats. Normally I shop for organic, MGO -sulfur free, low sodium, fat and sugar products but on this expedition all rules dissipate. I was looking for the cheese, salami and…

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