The International Day of Trees

Maybe you have heard about the international Day of Water or Day of Happiness or Day of Friendship?! There is also a Day of Trees! There is a World Tree Day, an international Day of Forests and an Arbor Day.
Whereas the date of the Arbor Day can be defined by every country itself and was suggested by the United Nations in 1951, the German Tree Day is the 25th of April. It was first celebrated in 1952. Federal President Theodor Heuss and the President of the German Forest Protection Association, Federal Minister Robert Lehr, planted a maple tree in Bonn’s court garden (Bonner Hofgarten). Since then the Day of the Tree is celebrated every year in April. The idea behind the Day of the Tree is to remind us of the importance forests have for the people and the economy.
The children of Plant-for-the-Planet have pledged the goal to plant 1,000 Billion new trees by 2020 and since 2007 they have been taking over the responsibility together. They organize planting parties where they plant tree together and collect promises and plans to plant new trees by other people. Download our step-by-step guide and find out how best to plan your planting.
You can register your planted tree to contribute to the tree counter. It is very important that every single tree is registered, as it is the only way to know how many trees are missing to reach the 1,000 Billion goal! Download our step-by-step guide on our webiste and find out how best to plan your planting!