Mayors get involved

Get the mayor of your city involved and help us reach our goal of planting 1.000 billion trees all over the world. This means in effect an amount of 150 trees per citizen which could bind one quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions we emit. Ask your mayor to plant 150 trees for every citizen of your city! Is there not enough room in your area to plant such a vast amount of trees at the same time? Well, ask him to plant trees where there is more space and go South! That is also advantageous for the local population who can make profit from the trees we plant by selling the wood and also, trees can grow four times faster in those areas like Africa, Asia or South America as a result of the favorable environmental conditions.
Follow the example of Clara and Alexandra from Augsburg who cooperated with the mayor of their city, their forest administration as well as with local companies to get an annual tree pledge, have planting parties and plant trees in many different continents.
In doing so, it does not matter how many pledges you get, every planted tree will help us create a greener future!