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Leaving for the North Pole at 7:00 PM CET

The CALL came finally around noon. A drive to the airport to weigh the sleds at 2 p.m. and estimated departure at 7 p.m. tonight.  We are leaving. The last few days were frantic, half of you still sorting out stuff of the ‘other’ life and the other half waiting patiently to get the green light to go. We have been here now 11 days and spend more time inside behind a computer, emails, blogs, learning to operate a camera then in the last 4 months when I was training in Canada. Wonder even if all this training is really going to do me any good but am sure the muscle memory of pulling tires for so long will come back immediately as I put on my harness.  I repacked, added  and took out a few last minute items, wondering still if you really need 5 pairs of underwear and pondering  the most important question: can I live without this for the next 45 to 50 days? The answer is always yes — except earplugs perhaps. Now we are in our polar clothing hanging around for the airplane to pick us up and take us to the end of the world. I am going to put an automated message on my email which will read: Gone to the North Pole –