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Your conversation with Euberto Licayan, Andjelka Mihajlov, Antoine Huard, Archbishop Gerhard Staats, Carla Chizmar, Rebecca Carman, Irene Arredondo GutiƩrrez and others. See everyone more
Euberto Licayan
Euberto Licayan
Researcher/Consultant at Economic Cooperation Limited (to be submitted yet)
Dear Arzu Jamilova, Carlos Martin-Novella, Catherine Morris, Cassie Flynn, Kateri Callahan, Carla Chizmar, Caroline Van Leenders, Rebecca Carman, Andjelka Mihajlov, Antonie Huard, Alexander Kenny, Archbishop Gerhard Staats, Irene Arredondo Gutierrez and Arlene Donaire,

To contribute in addressing urgent issues of necessity in any community of the World especially in the country of my birth, The Philippines, experiencing rising sea levels, extreme storms and an earthquake, I contribute promote projects implementation of:1) Rural Electrification Utilizing Renewable Energy;2) Advanced Sustainability of the Built-Environment;3)Industry Projects (mostly sustainable livelihoods and:4)Biodiversity for a Beautiful World. Bringing our interest into harmony with nature, the needs of the communities especially those affected by calamities and the needs of the investor I drafted functions of:consulting, construction, trading, environment and economic reconstruction, enterprise development assistant and advertising while the investor willing to cooperate need: executive summary, business plan and cash-flow projections for the aforementioned projects implementation. I am hoping for your kind-heart cooperation!

Best regards,

Euberto C. Licayan

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This email was intended for Caroline Van Leenders (Senior process manager sustainable transitions at Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). Learn why we included this.
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