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Felix gives in a talk in Svalbard

Expedition stress

There are literally a million details to attend before you can have a restful night and sleep through the night without thinking; what if the bluetooth fails or my keyboard, or the velcro start to itch on my skin or worse running out of toilet paper? So the nights aren’t as restful as we would like and the tick list is getting bigger as the departure date is looming. I started to prepare for the expedition months ago but it seems that everyday closer to the expedition departure i find new things to worry about like my rubber keyboard that worked fine for months and broke down last night. The idea of typing a dispatch on the iphone pad seems too daunting because my fingers will freeze and it will take so long to complete a flawless sentence. After troubleshooting for hours we had to throw it in the trashcan which prompted us to check every cable, connector and battery in our kit to make sure we can do what we set out to do.
Felix and Frithjof arrived as well and even putting the stickers on the sleds proves to be a challenge, cold stickers put on cold plastic doesn’t work very well. We did manage to get all our patches put on our clothing so that is brilliant. Countdown to departure time, we better get on with the last details.


It doesn’t matter how many times you pack it always boils down to the last minutes of the day to get it complete. There are always items you can do without and leave behind.

- Bernice Notenboom