Arctic calling Augsburg

Last night the major of Augsburg Dr. Gribl and the two Plant-for-the-Planet ambassadors for climate justice, Clara and Alexandra, got a phone call live from the Arctic.
In the presence of local media Bernice reported to them the daily challenges on the ice; dragging the heavy sleds, fighting the freezing temperatures and walking against strong winds. Two ski sticks already broke, because of the extreme cold. With these conditions the three adventurers are only covering 15 km distance per day. “It’s exhausting but we will make it!” is the message she is sending to everyone, also in the wider context of fighting the climate crisis.

Dr. Gribl was proud to report to Bernice what the people of Augsburg are achieving while the three polar adventurers are continuing with the expedition.
Students, teachers, work colleagues, friends and whole families are planting 15.000 trees. Since last week, more than 500 people have already participated, planting almost 5.000 new trees so far and helping to reforest an area, which has been destroyed by a hailstorm last summer.

As you might know; Plant-for-the-Planet’s goal is to plant 1.000 billion trees till 2020 because that’s the amount we still have enough space for in the world. This means every global citizen has to plant 150 trees each! If everybody plants 150 trees, these will absorb one fourth of the human-made CO₂ -emission.

Augsburg is the kick-off event and prototype for all global tree-planting actions to come. Thereby, the major takes over the patronage and promises to plant one tree for every citizen. The remaining 149 trees can be donated by the citizens and regional companies themselves.
Plant-for-the-Planet is planting trees on our own forest area in the state of Campeche, Mexico. There, trees grow faster and help even faster against the climate crisis. In 10 years, these currently still clear-cut grounds will be planted densely with trees that will bind 100.000 tons of CO₂ every year. Our plan is to sell the timber as furniture wood and thus save carbon for many decades. If we then plant new trees right away, we can save new CO₂. We plant upscale hardwood such as Mahogany as a way to store CO₂ on a long-term basis.

Share this idea with your major and make your city follow the example of Augsburg!